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Taking things slowly/playfully/imperfectly this January…

The sun came out for the first time in two weeks and my mind instantly filled with ideas and thoughts... a full four pages in my my journal worth.

However, what I am not doing is rushing into planning a shop update or announcing any grand plans; something I tend to do when I get have a rush of creative excitement. And in the past this has caused me to anxiously sprint through projects instead of letting them evolve and form in the way they should…plus I just stress myself to the max for no reason. In fact, I’ve just closed the shop for the time being so that all my energy is going into planning the future animals and artwork.

What this all has meant is that I have been spending these early weeks of January playing! Sewing toys and quilting a playmat for the baby on the way, making a moodboard from printed images from my Pinterest boards, sketching whenever possible (mostly just of the dog), and journaling thought after thought. For instance, there is an idea for a collection brewing that would contain pocket pets with a bit of a twist and be full of nostalgia and love for scrappy things. So even though, I’m making objects that aren’t for Floccus and Blot they are letting me think through how I will make the next round of animals and illustrations.

Instead of totally disappearing into these crafts, I am making an effort to share more about the process...Even if it‘s imperfect, scrappy, and off-brand. I have been inspired by other makers sharing these kind of scenes and the honesty of their process. It made me feel like I was able to know them/their ideas more deeply because of it all. So that‘s my goal and the only plan I’m (kinda) announcing at the moment.

Photo 1: Sewn and felted bee that was made last year; however, the idea of combining sewing and felting is reemerging in my mind!

Photo 2: The moodboard I created by printing out some of my favourite things I’ve found on Pinterest. I’ve done my best to identify the original creators of the objects and that is listed below.

Photo 3: Ten minutes or so of sketching while out on the morning walk

1. Unknown

4. Unknown

5. Unknown

6. Unknown

8. Unknown

9. Unknown

10. Unknown

11. Unknown

12. Irina Andreyeva

14. Unknown

15. @anthropologie gift tags

17. Rein Poortvliet (Dutch, 1932-1995)

18. Unknown

19. A Well Traveled Woman (tumblr)

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