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Hello and Welcome to the world of

Floccus and Blot

I am Regan Louise, the creator behind all the wool animals and illustrations!


You might have seen that Floccus means tuft of wool and a blot is a mark made by ink, paint, dirt, etc. These are the materials I use that brought about the F&B name, and they come together (with my coaxing) to let me celebrate animals, nature, and heritage. These are things that delight and inspire me. 

I have been painting, drawing, and crafting since I was a child. However, it was only after I completed undergrad and started a Master of Architecture Conservation, that I began to needle felt and paint with watercolour. 

In 2021, I started Floccus and Blot after moving from the a small city near Chicago to Glasgow. It was a big life change and the perfect chance for me to create this playful, whimsical shop. 

My intention behind Floccus and Blot is to create items that are distinct, playful, and full of character. I hope that these objects become someone else’s treasure; which I know is a lot to ask from an object. For this reason, I put a great deal of thought and care into each item.

Each item is made from organic and ethical materials. Furthermore, I source any printed items from companies that have a strong sustainability practice or create my own prints. As I create in small batches, most items are entirely handmade: Every painted matchbox, wool animal, and original illustration. 

When you shop from Floccus and Blot, you are purchasing an item that is made with care for the design, the environment, and for you.

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