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Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The Floccus & Blot Journal

I’m starting a journal (I like the sound of that better than blog). The journal will have content focused on these themes:



Anything that relates to the process, materials, and joy of creating.


The things that get made or are significant. This might be about a new woolly animal, a completed artwork, or an object that has inspired me.


Through stories we connect to each other and to our world. Although I am not the best storyteller, I would like to honour people, animals, and places through stories about them.

In the Wild

Rarely have I ever chosen a word for the year, but this year I chose a word to learn more about. It is ‘wilding.’ I chose the word in order to challenge myself to learn more about the wildlife that inspires the F&B creations. I plan to write about all my discoveries and observations from the walks I take this year.

Purpose & Values

Finally, I will journal about the values that are the backbone of F&B; such as sustainability, ethical practices, and how I am constantly upholding and learning to do better.


I hope this journal will offer helpful tips to other felters and artists; but also shows the processes and ideas that come together to create the world of Floccus and Blot.

I hope you enjoy!

-Regan Louise


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