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Getting Back Into a Rhythm

With a new baby, I have been taking a break from all things Floccus and Blot. But I'm finally finding a work rhythm (attempting to) and getting back into making wonderful things again. The truth of it is that I knew it would be a difficult adjustment, but I don't think I understood what that meant.Finding the moments to make, photo, post, etc has felt nearly impossible; but as the naps are starting to become more scheduled I am working away on all of it.

It is true that they say you have to find yourself again after becoming a mom. Priorities are different and time to do all that you used is gone. Yet, ideas are flowing especially when I start to think of things I could make for our little boy.

So I have been sacrificing my own naps to experiment with materials and ideas. I find myself thinking of what to create for a nursery or a kid's room...what would be a good gift for a new baby? Or a present for a toddler? Something delightful, playful, and distinct that would bring happiness to both the parent and the child?

Thankfully, these questions do not take me far from what I was creating before becoming a mom. Pocket pets, baby mobiles, animal illustrations, etc! It all still works, but I know that they will be evolving as I go on. I will definitely be filling the shop with work that can be done around my son. (So cards and prints will be coming soon!) Pocket pets and mobiles will be made but at a much slower pace than before (my thought is to open up slots for orders/pre-orders well in advance of creating them? We will see)

All this is to say that I am making my way back into this lovely, little world I get to create and I'm excited to were it goes. Thank you for being here along the way and supporting me and my creations!

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