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For Pocket Pets and Collected Treasures

It is no surprise that I love collecting tiny treasures. Quite often all these little bits of moss, shells, rocks, or sticks get tucked in a drawer or my pockets and forgotten about. So I really wanted to create a place that I could see them and my pocket pets daily.

It is a pretty quick project and you can use it for displays or as a mini dollhouse for all your pockets pets and tiny toys.

Since I was using it to display my treasures I kept it white. But have fun with it and make it your own with different coloured papers, drawings, stickers, or collage!



I have used 300gsm Watercolour paper in the example, but you can use any type of heavier paper or even recycle some cereal boxes and create a house from them! The pattern pieces fit on two A4 size papers

-Bit of wire or String



-Scissors or Scalpel

- Bone Folder

I use this to get clean fold lines. You can also score the fold lines very gently with a scalpel or bend along a ruler edge


Here is the basic diagram of the pieces you will need to make your house! If you don't own a printer (like me) you can measure each of the pieces out. If you rather print the template you can find the PDF down below!

Step By Step:

  1. Cut out your pieces

  2. Score along all the fold lines and fold. Cut the two slits in the Main pieces.

  3. Poke the four holes. You want to make sure these line up as this is where you will thread your wire or string through. This step is only necessary if you want to hang your display house up!

  4. Glue the folded panels of the main piece following the image above. It doesn't matter what order you choose to glue it.

  5. Put wire or string through poked holes. Bend the wire to stay in place.

  6. Glue and attach the bottom shelf. The two fold sides will be glued to the inside wall of your your house.

  7. Then glue and attach the center divider. Again it doesn't matter too much how you do it.

  8. Finally collect your tiny treasures and pocket pets and decorate your little paper display house.

This was my first tutorial that I've written out. So if it's unclear or you have any questions just send me a message!

I'd love to see your finished house! Send me a photo or tag @floccusandblot over on Instagram and I'll share your creations!

PDF Template

Paper Display House
Download PDF • 7KB

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